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Writer/Director Shawn Welling is no stranger to the film scene in Houston.  The award-winning director has previously made two films that have both been met with critical acclaim.  Welling is anything but a creature of habit.  Although his first two films, House of Dreams & The Messenger (360 Days of Bolivar) were documentaries, both were met with high praise along the festival circuit for their ingenuity and storytelling, which as one critic remarked, “played better than most of the feature films and for a documentary that is very difficult to do.”

Welling’s third film, Project Aether, was based on the writings of Vanessa Archer and falls in the paranormal activity genre. His most recent film is clearly the most challenging of all of his projects. The Legend of Dark Horse County provides a glimpse into a families past, present and future with the precision of a perfect character drama.   Want to know the details?

The Legend of Darkhorse County begins as Jon (Shawn Welling) and Joy Ford (Tory Tompkins) move into the small town of Darkhorse, where mysterious and supernatural occurrences threaten to tear the town apart. Teenage girl abductions and a chain of serial killings force good-ol’-boy Sheriff McElroy (Lee Majors / Larry Wade Carrell), the town’s rugged symbol of justice, to use any means necessary to keep his beloved town from tumbling into chaos, and when Joy’s nieces (Olivia ‘ChaChi’ Gonzales and Presley Bishop) are kidnapped, they must race to find the abductor and in turn come face to face with a monster. Legend stars Tory Tompkins, Larry Wade Carrell, Nick W. Nicholson, Shawn Welling and the enigmatic Lee Majors as well as the brilliant Michael Biehn.  Be on the lookout as you drive around Buffalo Bayou as you just might see the brigade of actors and crew that are working to put this latest cinematic effort together for the enjoyment of all!

The Legend of Darkhorse County is set to premiere as the opening film presentation of the 2014 WorldFest International Film Festival on Friday, April 4th at 8 pm at the AMC Studio 30 on Dunvale. For more information, please check the website at for the latest.



Austin based Slash Consortium is set to begin production on a Horror/Comedy feature called “Fun With Hackley: Axe Murderer”.  The film is about Hackley, a 1980’s horror slasher going through a mid-life crisis thinking about a career change.  The film stars Allen Hackley (Cherry Bomb) as the titular character, was written by Garrett Hargrove and is Directed by T. E. Sanders.  



DVD Reviews


We are doing a Free DVD Giveaway! If you are interested in a chance at winning a free copy of The Truth About Emanuel, Nature: Honey Badgers Masters of Mayhem or My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, it is really easy!  All you have to do is send me an email at  The subject line of the email should read DVD GIVEAWAY. In the body of the email, be sure to put your name, full mailing address and which DVD or Blu-ray you would like. Winners will be selected by random drawing. Best of luck!



Emanuel (Kaya Scodelario), a troubled young woman, becomes preoccupied with her mysterious new neighbor (Jessica Biel), who bears a striking resemblance to her dead mother. When an unexpected discovery results in a shared secret between the two, their relationship intensifies, and Emanuel’s already-fragile world begins to spin out of control.


NATURE: Honey Badgers Masters of Mayhem – PBS

The Honey Badgers is an inauspicious character that is related to the weasel, albeit distantly. Nature takes an inside look at the character that is afraid of nothing and inherently just exists to do whatever it pleases. The Honey Badger is wreckless, rude and just down right mean and this program, if for no other reason, shouldn’t be missed because it’s just down right hilarious.


MY LITTLE PONY: Friendship is Magic – Shout Kids

Join Twilight Sparkle and her very best friends (Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity and Spike) as they help one another remember the true meaning of friendship through their outrageous adventures in Ponyville. This two-disc DVD set features thirteen brand-new stories, including the coronation of Ponyville’s very own Princess Twilight Sparkle! Includes All 13 Episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic’s third season!



Kathleen Hanna, lead singer of the punk band Bikini Kill and dance-punk trio Le Tigre, rose to national attention as the reluctant but never shy voice of the riot grrrl movement. In so doing she became both one of the most famously outspoken feminist icons and a cultural lightning rod. While her critics wished she would just shut up, her fans hoped she never would. So when in 2005 Hanna stopped shouting, many wondered why. Through 20 years of archival footage and intimate interviews with Hanna and those who were part of the scene, including music legends Joan Jett and Adam Horowitz, THE PUNK SINGER takes viewers on a fascinating tour of contemporary music and offers a never-before-seen view into the life of this fearless leader.


DELIVERY MAN – Dreamworks

In this heartwarming comedy, underachiever David Wozniak (Vince Vaughn) learns he’s actually an overachiever — he’s fathered 533 children via donations made twenty years earlier! David soon discovers that the shock of his life might just be the best thing that’s ever happened to him. Along the way he discovers not only his true self, but also the father he could become. Also starring Chris Pratt and Cobie Smulders — and complete with bonus materials, it’s a feel-good movie that really delivers.


AVENGERS CONFIDENTIAL: Blackwidow & Punisher – Sony

After interfering with a top secret mission, The Punisher is taken into custody by S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and Avenger, Black Widow. At the orders of Director Nick Fury, Punisher and Black Widow are sent on a mission to stop Leviathan, a global terrorist organization, that plans to sell stolen S.H.I.E.L.D. technology to the highest bidder. Now, the vigilante and spy must work together to prevent this technology from falling into the wrong hands. The fate of the world, and of the Avengers, hangs in the balance.



In Camille Claudel 1915, Juliette Binoche gives a mesmerizing performance as Auguste Rodin’s protege (and later mistress), and sister of the Christian/mystic poet Paul Claudel. Inspired by the correspondence between Paul and Camille, writer/director Bruno Dumont focuses on Camille Claudel’s struggle to find understanding and recognition as an artist – and the moments before her brother’s visit while she is confined to a mental institution. Shot in a real psychiatric asylum, Bruno Dumont brings together a supporting cast comprised of real-life patients and their actual nurses that, alongside Binoche, create an emotionally intense ensemble – and a rare cinematic experience. While the camera rarely ventures outside of her prison’s thick walls, the story of Camille Claudel’s 29-year confinement is in itself a tale of defiance against social norms – and a testament to the power of creativity and fortitude.


TICKETY TOC: Spring Chicks Time– Anchor Bay

Our adorable duo Tommy and Tallulah celebrate Spring with the help of their Tickety Town friends, including Pufferty, McCoggins, Madame Au Lait, Battersby, and Hopparoo! In these six fair-weather and fun episodes, there’s an outdoor adventure around every corner including a town picnic, a nature hike, a search for watermelon on a hot day and a kite-flying contest! When the mischievous Spring Chicks fly off in one of the kites, the town must unite to save them quickety tickety! There are races against the clock, life lessons that matter, high-flying kites, coloring pages and more, all in this new collection from the acclaimed hit series. Three cheers for Spring Time Tick Tocketeers!


THE WINX CLUB: Season One – Cinedigm

Bewitching, beautiful teen girls with a passion for fashion and a flair for magic! They are the WINX Club. Sometwere in the universe, witches and fairies begina battle in the name of good and evel. Join Bloom and her friends as they deal with all the drama of teenage life while trying to save the universe from the wicked senior witches.


HOME IN INDIANA – FOX Cinema Archives

Oscar Nominated director Henry Hathaway; helms this heartwarming story of a lad (Lon McCallister) with a penchant for trouble. When he is sent to live with his aunt and uncle in the Midwest, he discovers a love for horses. At the same time he discovers a tomboyish girl named Char (Jeanne Crain) who shares his penchant as well. Also starring Walter Brennan and Charlotte Greenwood with Ward Bond. Shown in 4:3 full frame presentation.



John Barrymore stars in this semi-autobiographical film about the dysfunctional life of a self-destructive actor. Directed by Academy Award®-nominated director Walter Lang, the film stars John Barrymore and John Payne. Shown in 4:3 full frame presentation.


IN LOVE AND WAR – FOX Cinema Archives

Jeffrey Hunter, Robert Wagner, and Bradford Dillman lead an all-star cast in this film about three young marines on shore leave in San Francisco before World War II. As each of them goes through trials and tribulations they experience life and love. Presented in 4:3 pan and scan using the highest quality source material available.


FOLLOW THE SUN – FOX Cinema Archives

Glenn Ford plays Ben Hogan in the inspiring biographical film of the golf legend. The film also stars Anne Baxter and many sports figures of the day, including Jimmy Demaret, Carry Middlecoff, Grantland Rice and Sam Snead. Shown in 4:3 full frame presentation.


VEEP: Season Two – HBO

HBO delivers a new season of the Emmy-winning comedy series created by Armando Iannucci (Oscar nominee for co-writing In the Loop) that takes a sharp, satirical look at the insular world of Washington politics. Veep follows the whirlwind day-to-day existence of Vice President Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus in her Emmy-winning role) as she juggles her busy public schedule, puts out political fires, and defends the president’s interests, even as she tries to improve her dysfunctional relationship with the chief executive. Over the course of ten Season 2 episodes, Veep hilariously skewers the nuances of everyday office politics – set against the backdrop of the second highest office in the land.



After suffering a tragic loss, a city detective named Michael and his wife move to a small town, where Michael joins the town police force. His first case, involving a missing person, leads him to discover that the town is plagued by a dark supernatural force. Michael will have to summon every ounce of courage in order to fight this darkness before it takes everything from him.



In the astonishingly gripping Let the Fire Burn, director Jason Osder has crafted that rarest of cinematic objects: a found-footage film that unfurls with the tension of a great thriller. On May 13, 1985, a longtime feud between the city of Philadelphia and controversial Black Power group MOVE came to a deadly climax. By order of local authorities, police dropped military-grade explosives onto a MOVE-occupied rowhouse. TV cameras captured the conflagration that quickly escalated and resulted in the tragic deaths of eleven people (including five children) and the destruction of 61 homes. Using only archival news coverage and interviews, first-time filmmaker Osder has brought to life one of the most tumultuous and largely forgotten clashes between government and citizens in modern American history.


FIVE FINGERS – FOX Cinema Archives

The valet to the British ambassador in Turkey during WWII decides to improve his lot by selling his employer’s top-secret documents to the Nazis in this classic spy film starring James Mason. Based on the true story of Elyesa Bazna, one of the most famous spies of World War II, the film was nominated for two Academy Awards. Shown in 4:3 full frame presentation.


CITY OF BAD MEN – FOX Cinema Archives

Gunfighter Brett Stanton (Dale Robertson) and his brother Gar (Lloyd Bridges) ride into 1897 Carson City with plans to rob the box office of a high profile prizefight. Starring Richard Boone and the lovely Jeanne Crain. Shown in 4:3 full frame presentation.



Dan Dailey and Betty Grable star as a young man and woman, whom team up as performers during the age of vaudeville and soon fall in love. The story of their rise to fame, and the subsequent professional and personal setbacks, is told in flashback and set against a rousing musical score.



A group of unsuspecting office workers find themselves stranded on a desert island when a corporate retreat led by unhinged former Marine Storm Rothchild (Jean-Claude Van Damme) goes horribly wrong. Now Chris (Adam Brody) and his co-workers must battle nature – and each other – to survive! Welcome to the Jungle is a hilarious journey into the heart of madness also featuring Rob Huebel, Kristen Schaal, Dennis Haysbert, and Megan Boone.



Ahead of its time in many ways, the beloved comedy series Mystery Science Theater 3000 used social media before there was social media. Consider: a creative team of actors and writers put on a puppet show and shared with us not just cheesy old movies, but how they felt about them. They sent their show into the ether, hoping to find kindred spirits to join in the fun and pain. The comments were delivered verbally in snarky one-liners called riffs, the spiritual father of funny tweets. The initial popularity of the show mushroomed as fans made tapes and traded them…viral videos before they turned digital. Is it any wonder, then, that the first MST fans were drawn to the burgeoning internet, using it to find each other and share the love? All of the above notwithstanding, this new DVD collection is the only way to own these four never-before-released episodes with fun extras. Relationship status? It’s not complicated: fans forever. #MovieSign!


NOVA: Zeppelin Terror Attack – PBS

In the early days of World War I, Germany, determined to bring its British enemies to their knees, launched a new kind of terror campaign: bombing civilians from the sky. But the aircraft delivering the lethal payloads weren’t planes. They were Zeppelins, enormous airships, some the length of two football fields. With a team of engineers, explosives experts, and historians, NOVA investigates the secrets behind these deadly war machines. “Zeppelin Terror Attack” explores the technological arms race that unfolded as Britain desperately scrambled to develop defenses that could neutralize the threat, while Germany responded with ever bigger and more powerful Zeppelins.


THE FRESHMAN – Criterion

In 1925, Harold Lloyd hit a home run, er, should I say took the football to the house! Lloyd’s biggest box-office hit was this silent comedy gem, featuring the befuddled everyman at his eager best as a new college student. Though he dreams of being a big man on campus, the freshman’s careful plans inevitably go hilariously awry, be it on the football field or at the Fall Frolic. But he gets a climactic chance to prove his mettle-and impress the sweet girl he loves-in one of the most famous sports sequences ever filmed. This crowd-pleaser is a gleeful showcase for Lloyd’s slapstick brilliance and incandescent charm, and it’s accompanied here by a new orchestral score by Carl Davis.


ISLAND IN THE SKY – FOX Cinema Archives

Julie Hayes (Gloria Stuart) is convinced… the man her fiancé, Asst. D.A. Michael Fraser (Michael Whalen), helped convict of murder is innocent of the crime. She postpones their wedding, and then seeks the help of a former gangster. The two work diligently to save the life of the innocent man. Shown in 4:3 full frame presentation.


MARGIN FOR ERROR – FOX Cinema Archives

When a Nazi consul who was embezzling funds from the German consulate turns up dead, a Jewish policeman exonerates his wife and partner of the crime. Otto Preminger, Joan Bennett and Milton Berle star in this adaptation of the 1939 play of the same title by Clare Boothe Luce.



During the Korean War, a US army engineer, Lt. Sam Pryor (Victor Mature), volunteers his platoon to escort Greek troops to perform a mission behind enemy lines. However, when cowardice is displayed by the Greek and his platoon is almost annihilated, a delicate alliance is formed and the real objective of the enemy is learned. Also starring Alexander Scourby, Richard Egan, Nick Dennis and Lee Marvin. Shown in 4:3 full frame presentation.


WILD ON THE BEACH – FOX Cinema Archives

Its Spring Break 60s style as two unfamiliar groups of college kids, one male and the other female, arrive at the same beach house on the same weekend. Featuring memorable musical acts, Wild on the Beach is also the film debut of Sonny & Cher. Shown in 4:3 full frame presentation.


SING, BABY, SING – FOX Cinema Archives

At the insistence of her manager, a nightclub singer tricks a drunken movie star into thinking they’ve had a relationship. The musical features Alice Faye, Adolphe Menjou and Gregory Ratoff. Shown in 4:3 full frame presentation.



For decades, journalist Jep Gambardella has charmed and seduced his way through the glittering nightlife of Rome. Since the legendary success of his only novel, he has been a permanent fixture in the city s literary and elite social circles. But on his sixty-fifth birthday, Jep unexpectedly finds himself taking stock of his life, turning his cutting wit on himself and his contemporaries, and looking past the lavish nightclubs, parties, and cafes to find Rome itself, in all its monumental glory: a timeless landscape of absurd, exquisite beauty. Featuring sensuous cinematography, a lush score, and an award-winning central performance by the great Toni Servillo, this transporting experience by the brilliant Italian director Paolo Sorrentino is a breathtaking Fellini-esque tale of decadence and lost love.


JACKIE CHAN: Chinese Zodiac – Universal

Jackie Chan stars as Asian Hawk, a master adventurer tasked with retrieving lost bronze heads, originally a part of an ancient Chinese collection of zodiac busts. While wealthy entrepreneur Lawrence (Oliver Platt) dangles an enormous reward for such a find, Hawk deploys his array of high tech devices as he travels the world to help unearth the missing relics. Caught between a monster payday and the restoration of China’s past, Hawk jumps into battle, using his death-defying skills to help thwart Lawrence’s destructive plans, while hoping to secure the remaining bronze heads before it’s too late.



The desert of Los Ranchos, CA isn’t your standard spring break hot spot, but it’s party time when a young girl’s wealthy father gives her the keys to his amazing desert ranch oasis. She and her hot girlfriends plan a wild spring break vacation getaway to take advantage of this lavish vacation pad. During the drive to the house, the girls find themselves terrorized by a mysterious black muscle car on the highway. They soon realize they have been lured into a sick game of high-octane terror. Machine Head unleashes a hell unlike anything they ve ever seen. The girls will do whatever it takes to cross the finish line alive and get the checkered flag!


CALIFORNICATION: Season Six – Showtime

In the sixth season of Californication, Hank (David Duchovnny) tries to collaborate on a rock opera based on his book with a famous rock star while taking up with his beautiful muse; Charlie and Stu compete for the affections of Marcy; Marcy falls under the spell of a seriously radical feminist; Becca drops out of college to become a writer. Now you can watch it all with the release of this title.


THE PRIDE OF ST. LOUIS – FOX Cinema Archives

A biopic based on the life of Major League Baseball Hall of Fame pitching ace “Dizzy” Dean, following his bumpy rise from minor leaguer to World Series great, to beloved broadcaster. This ACADEMY AWARD®-nominated film (Writing, 1952) stars Dan Dailey as Dizzy Dean. Shown in 4:3 full frame presentation.


DANGER: LOVE AT WORK – FOX Cinema Archives

An ineffectual attorney must convince the eccentric Pemberton family to close an important land deal and ends up marrying the only sane member of the bunch. Starring Jack Haley, Ann Sothern, Mary Boland and Edward Everett Horton. Shown in 4:3 full frame presentation.


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