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101st A Company Abner Homefront Llewyn Davis Outrage



We are doing a Free DVD Giveaway! If you are interested in a chance atwinning a free copy of Abner the Invisible Dog, 101st A-Company, Beyond Outrage, Inside Llewyn Davis or Homefront, it is really easy!  All you have to do is send me an email at  The subject line of the email should read DVD GIVEAWAY. In the body of the email, be sure to put your name, full mailing address and which DVD or Blu-ray you would like. Winners will be selected by random drawing.  Best of luck!


HOMEFRONT – Universal

Jason Statham, James Franco, Winona Ryder and Kate Bosworth star in this action-packed thriller about how far one man will go to protect his family. Widowed ex-DEA agent Phil Broker (Statham) retires to a quiet Southern town with his 10-year-old daughter and discovers that the idyllic setting is riddled with drugs and violence. When a riveting chain of events forces him to face off with psychotic local drug lord Gator Bodine (Franco), Broker must retaliate using the fearsome skills he hoped to keep in his past.



This film follows a week in the life of a young folk singer as he navigates the Greenwich Village folk scene of 1961. Llweyn Davis (Oscar Isaac) is at a crossroads. Guitar in tow, huddled against the unforgiving New York winter, he is struggling to make it as a musician against seemingly insurmountable obstacles—some of them of his own making. Living at the mercy of both friends and strangers, scaring up what work he can find, Llewyn’s misadventures take him from the baskethouses of the Village to an empty Chicago club—on an odyssey to audition for a music mogul—and back again.


BEYOND OUTRAGE – Magnet/Magnolia

A manipulative police crackdown on organized crime has ignited a tricky power struggle in the yakuza underworld. As the police force prepares a full-scale crackdown, anti-gang detective Kataoka wants to start a war between crime families for their mutual destruction. His war incendiary device is the rumored dead boss Otomo (Kitano) who seeks to retire from a life of crime, but can’t help but get drawn back into the battle.


101st A COMPANY – Inception

Buckle up for an action-packed thrill ride with The Captain, The Sniper and Black Hercules. It s Poland, 1944. Called up by FDR to carry out a top-secret rescue mission, a daring team of Special Forces soldiers quickly find themselves trapped deep behind enemy lines. With no evacuation and no escape options, the furious bastards are forced to cooperate and utilize their unique talents to battle super-soldier Nazis, save some local virgins, and storm a remote occult Nazi science lab to literally stop Hell from boiling over. If it s going to take guts, split-second timing, and a million bullets… it s a job for the Devils of War.



Bumbling thieves steal top secret Government formulas and hide them in a toy store chemistry set. An unsuspecting dad buys it before the thieves can recover it and gives it to his 13 year old son for his birthday. The boy experiments using the top[ secret vials and when the family dog licks the concoctions, one makes it TALK and the other makes it INVISIBLE! When the parents are away and the boy and dog are home alone, the thieves break in and get more than they bargained for.


BUBBLE GUPPIES: Animals Everywhere – Nickelodeon

The Bubble Guppies are making all kinds of new animal friends – squirrels, ducks, rhinos, elephants, and more! Join the class for six fin-tastic field trips that will have you learning about all kinds of animals from around the world!


DORA THE EXPLORER: Dora in Wonderland – Nickelodeon

Get ready to explore Wonderland with Dora and Boots! When Dora’s kitties run through a magic mirror, Dora becomes Dora in Wonderland in this double-length special based on the classic tale. Plus, become a book explorer with Dora as she journeys into classic stories in a bonus episode never before released on DVD!



After returning home from a traumatic tour of duty in Iraq, John finds himself struggling with PTSD. What little peace he had managed to build around him is shattered one fateful day when he rescues a local call girl from a group of violent Aryan Brotherhood pimps. Having killed several of the high-ranking brotherhood during the rescue, John and his family are now the prime targets of Hollis, the ruthless criminal leader of the group.


ANGELINA BALLERINA: Spring Fling – Lionsgate

Spring is in the air, and Angelina and the mouselings dance their way through spring traditions from around the world. All about dancing, friends and having fun, Angelina Ballerina is blast for all kids!



Elise (Veerle Baetens) and Didier (Johan Heldenbergh) fall in love at first sight. She has her own tattoo shop and he plays the banjo in a bluegrass band. They bond over their shared enthusiasm for American music and culture, and dive headfirst into a sweeping romance that plays out on and off stage–but when an unexpected tragedy hits their new family, everything they know and love is tested. An intensely moving portrait of a relationship from beginning to end, propelled by a soundtrack of foot-stomping bluegrass, The Broken Circle Breakdown is a romantic drama of the highest order.


TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: Mutagen Mayhem – Nickelodeon

Shredder and the Kraang team up! Now as a combined force, the Turtles face double the threat! And with new mutants lurking throughout New York, and the return of evil villains including Karai, the Rat King, and Foot Bots determined to take down the lean, mean, green team, get ready to join Leo, Raph, Mikey, Donnie, April, and new ally, Casey Jones, as they fight back and take the ninjutsu battle action to new rooftop heights!


DARK HOUSE – Cinedigm

When Nick Di Santo learns that his father is not only alive but can possibly reveal the origin of his son s dark gift, he sets out on a trip that takes him to an abandoned mansion he thought only existed in his childhood imagination.


NOVA: Great Cathedral Mystery – PBS

Scientists are still baffled after some 600 years and sit in awe over the the largest masonry dome in the world. Weighing in at over 40,000 tons and comprised of over 400 million bricks, how is it that a goldsmith with no architectural or construction experience could have created such a magnificent structure?


ROGUE: Season One – E1 Entertainment

Rogue is a complex character driven show that focuses upon Grace. She is tormented by the thoughts that her own actions caused her own child’s death. Although morally and emotionally compromised, Grace is hell bent on finding the truth. She works to befriend the local crime syndicate all the while knowing that the answers she seeks – as well as her own life – all hang in the balance.



From Scott Cooper comes a gripping and powerful drama about family, fate, circumstance and justice. Russell Baze (Christian Bale) leads a dead-end life – he works a meaningless steel mill job all day, and cares for his terminally ill father at night. When Russell’s brother Rodney (Casey Affleck) returns home from Iraq, he is lured into one of the Northeast’s most ruthless crime rings and mysteriously disappears. When the police fail to solve the case, Russell puts his life at risk in order to seek justice for his brother. Out of the Furnace is a much better film that I anticipated and I found it extremely interesting all the way to the end.


IN THE NAME OF THE KING 3: The Last Mission – Fox

Dominic Purcell transforms from modern-day hitman to medieval warrior in this action-packed adventure inspired by the best-selling Dungeon Siege video game series. Contract killer Hazen Kaine (Purcell) is determined to quit the business after carrying out one last job involving a European royal family. But the mission takes an epic turn when Kaine finds himself transported back to the Middle Ages through a priceless heirloom worn by one of the family members. Now he must fight a vast army-and a fire-breathing dragon-in an all-out battle for survival!



After a major shipment of drugs goes missing on the US-Canadian border, forest ranger and former Navy SEAL Henry is plunged into survival mode when the drug cartel forces him to help retrieve the downed package. Trapped in the wilderness with no communication to the outside world, Henry finds himself face to face with Clay, a man with a personal vendetta against Henry who has returned for retribution. Now, the two mortal enemies must make a choice: put aside their past and work together, or die alone at the hands of the drug runners, a ruthless gang who will stop at nothing to retrieve their lost cargo.


MLB: 100 Years of Wrigley Field – Lionsgate

The ivy walls. The hand-turned scoreboard. The iconic red marquee atop the entrance. Wrigley Field is a time capsule that harkens back to a simpler era. The friendly confines have been home to many greats, including Billy Williams, Ron Santo, Ferguson Jenkins, Ryno, and of course Ernie Banks. But the beauty of Wrigley Field lies in the experience. From neighborhood fans lining the rooftops of adjacent buildings to Harry Caray leading a charming rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” the ballpark’s traditions are as numerous as they are timeless. 100 Years of Wrigley Field celebrates a century of the greatest moments and best personalities of the ballpark on Chicago’s North Side.


BIG HISTORY – Lionsgate

History Channel’s new fascinating series Big History, takes you on an exploration, crisscrossing billions of years of time and space to show how everything, and everyone, is connected. Digital UV copy included in both DVD and BD sets! Based on The Big History Project, which was started by Bill Gates and David Christian to enable the global teaching of Big History concept. Narrated by acclaimed actor Bryan Cranston. With cutting-edge visuals and graphics to show surprising links between past and present.


IRON SKY – E1 Entertainment

You only thought that America was the first country to fly to the moon! In 1945 a secret Nazi space program fled to the Dark Side of the Moon where they constructed a giant fortress and a massive armada of flying saucers. Their plan: travel back to Earth and re-colonize. Slapstick and velveeta all the way, Iron Sky is still entertaining enough to pick up and check out!



Three chords, three countries, one revolution…Punk in Africa is the story of the multi-racial punk movement within the recent political and social upheavals experienced in three Southern African countries: South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. In these societies, the punk subculture represented a genuinely radical political impulse, playing out against a backdrop of intense political struggle, economic hardship and even civil war. PUNK IN AFRICA traces this until-now untold story from its roots in the underground rock music of early 1970s Johannesburg, the first multi-racial punk bands formed in the wake of the Soweto Uprising and the militant anti-apartheid hardcore and post-punk bands of the 1980s to the rise of celebratory African-inspired ska bands which sprang up from Cape Town to Maputo in the democratic era of the 1990s. Today, an emerging generation of bands continue to draw on this legacy to confront the political challenges of contemporary Zimbabwe and the uncertain identity issues of the Afrikaans minority in South Africa.



The Book Thief presents a somewhat sanitized glimpse of Nazi Germany and the war from the uniquely innocent view of an adolescent girl. At first the perspective seems to be from the narrator, a bored, yet amused voice we learn is Death, presumably taking a brief holiday to comment on the experience of young Liesel (Sophie Nélisse) and the evolving disruptions around her. After Liesel is separated from her brother and mother in sharp and unsettling fashion, she lands at the home of protective, penurious foster parents Hans and Rosa Hubermann (Geoffrey Rush and Emily Watson) in a small village somewhere in the picturesque German countryside. When she’s teased at school for being illiterate, the kindly Hans makes a fun project of teaching her to read. Rosa is a persnickety presence for both of them, but it’s mainly a façade as the couple embrace Liesel tighter even as the situation around them grows more dire. Brilliant and with an all star cast, The Book Thief is a must own for any dramatic film connoisseur.


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