MAMA’S FAMILY: Season Three – Star Vista

What started as a skit on the Carol Burnett Show became an incredibly
successful sitcom that ran from 1983 through 1990 and tickled the
funny bone of all who watched the antics of Mama and the gang.  Mama
(Vicki Lawrence) was a woman of foul temperament.  She took no sass
but gave plenty of it whether it was her sister Fran (Rue McClanahan)
or her son Vinton (Ken Berry).  Mama was especially pleased to
verbally skewer her sons girlfriend, Naomi (Dorothy Lyman) whom she
thought had hit every branch of the stupid tree while falling out of
it.  While paying homage to its roots, there were numerous guest
appearances by Carol Burnett portraying Mama's daughter Eunice.   A
true classic in every sense of the word, Mama's Family should not be

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