GENE SIMMONS FAMILY JEWELS: Final Season – Lionsgate

After the show’s most successful season ever – who doesn’t get excited about weddings? – Gene Simmons Family Jewels on A&E returns for more family fun in Season 7. Will the KISS front man and Shannon Tweed settle into married bliss? Or will the couple’s 28 years together and two kids just bring, uh, more reality? Here’s the first wrench thrown: Shannon wants to adopt, and Gene and their two kids Nick and Sophie do not. If you know the couple’s dynamic, then you can guess the outcome. In other words, Gene better start practicing some serious rocking techniques (and we don’t mean rock `n roll). Gene and Shannon also sit Nick down to discuss the sensitive issue of his finally leaving the house and doing his own thing. Gene opens with an offer of a “nice, big, fat, healthy” check, but Shannon is far more direct, suggesting that it’s time for Nick to “scoot on out there.” Catch all these gems and more.

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